Total Rewards & Compensation

Reward employee contributions and improve your employee experience


Total Rewards encompasses all that you offer to your employees in exchange for their skillset and contributions to the organization. The Total Rewards you offer employees go beyond the foundational pieces of compensation and employee benefits. It also includes differentiators like culture and your approach to change management.

How We Can Help

Brown & Brown’s Total Rewards team understands that talent is your biggest expense and, therefore, brings inherent risk. We strive to mitigate this risk by helping to identify solutions that enhance your employee’s experience and limit unhealthy turnover. Our solutions help you to:

  • Enhance employee engagement
  • Build the employee experience and employee value proposition
  • Make effective use of business funds
  • Drive company performance
  • Retain talent through engaged employees

Our process may feel different than what you have experienced from others in the industry. We begin by listening to leaders and employees, instead of forcing preestablished frameworks, and then launch into identifying customer needs, project management and communication, best practices and market research and and solution customization. Our end goal is to deliver a solution that helps address your distinct needs.

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The types of offerings we can execute span different yet complementary categories. Every item can be administered individually or in combination with others. While this is not an exhaustive list, this outlines key offerings:

Base pay structure, position architecture and talent assessment, position classification, FLSA review, merit cycle, incentive compensation, sales compensation, equal pay analysis
Employee benefits consulting, time-off policies, retirement, sabbaticals, health and wellness strategy
Job descriptions, system integrations, employee factors, performance management
Employee focus groups, surveys, leadership interviews
Communication (FAQs, manager talking points, presentations, tools), statements, speaking/training

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