Use capital more efficiently and economically


Brown & Brown’s Surety Bond specialists help discover various ways to use Surety Bonds to benefit and help protect your company. Surety Bonds guarantee many third-party financial obligations and delivery of essential goods and services. Utilizing surety bonds for these obligations may free up liquidity for investments and strategic business opportunities.

How We Can Help

Cash on hand is an important asset to every business. Utilizing Surety Bonds may help increase the amount of available cash on your balance sheet by posting as an alternative to Letters of Credit.   This helps utilize limited capital more efficiently and economically.

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From the simple to the complex, we can place a variety of Surety Bonds to support your business.

  • Construction and environmental performance bonds
  • Payment and performance bonds
  • Supply bonds
  • Maintenance and warranty bonds
  • Subdivision and site improvement bonds

  • Bank depository bonds
  • Custom tax guarantee bonds
  • Self-insurer and insurance deductible bonds
  • Court bonds
  • Utility payment bonds
  • Lease payment bonds
  • Customs bonds
  • International bonds

  • Power purchase agreement bonds
  • Interconnection agreement bonds
  • Decommissioning bonds

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