Cyber Risk

Defend your data and your reputation


Protecting your business from cyberattacks is increasingly important as the number and cost attributed to breaches continues to escalate. Not only are you exposed to financial risks and loss of productivity, but also long-lasting effects to your brand and reputation. The Brown & Brown Cyber team understands these impacts and offers tools to identify a comprehensive Cyber Risk solution that meets your needs. Understanding the threats and vulnerabilities before an attack occurs helps protect your business and reputation.

How We Can Help

Whether you are a small to medium sized business or a Fortune 500 enterprise needing specialty risk services, Brown & Brown’s Cyber team can help you balance the investments in human capital, security technology and cyber risk insurance.  Understanding where vulnerabilities may exist, solutions to address them and the measurable impact on improving your cybersecurity maturity provides meaningful insights to make better decisions and lower your cost for insurance.

Brown & Brown’s Cyber team uses Cyber Risk Assessment tools and advanced quantitative models to correlate your own unique network and security to the probability of a cyber event occurring and the potential severity of its impact. To further protect your business, you can also access tools to monitor potential security breaches to help stop attacks before they start.

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Products and Services

  • Cyber underwriting preparation covering IT security and controls
  • Qualitative and quantitative Cyber Risk Measurement assessing:
    • Likelihood and severity based upon individual network configurations and protections
  • Cyber risk insurance for all size entities
    • Cyber and Privacy Liability
    • Breach and Event Costs
    • Direct Cyber Loss
    • Ransomware and Cyber Extortion
  • Proprietary Cyber insurance product extensions for:
    • Bodily Injury, Property Damage and Pollution
    • Cyber Monetary Loss
    • Coverage Exclusions in Traditional Programs
  • Cyber event and ransomware claims handling and response

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