Employer Stop Loss

Reduce the unexpected costs of runaway claims


Self-funded or considering a partially self-funded strategy?  Are you concerned about high-cost claims and specialty prescription drug costs? You can help reduce unexpected costs of runaway claims with the use of employer Stop Loss insurance. An effective employer Stop Loss solution can help you take control over your spending with coverage tailored to your needs without increasing downside risk.

How We Can Help

Brown & Browns’ Stop Loss specialists can support you by providing access to a variety of employer Stop Loss products, tools and resources to manage your risk.

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Gain access to:

  • Preferred panel and comprehensive stop-loss market analysis
  • Experience refunds
  • Plan mirroring
  • Early rate lock
  • No new lasers
  • Advance funding on specific claims
  • Terminal liability
  • Multi-year options with guaranteed renewals
  • Aggregating specific retention
  • Rate caps on specific renewals

Ready to reduce the cost of the unexpected?

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