Personal Excess Liability

Helping to protect your assets and your legacy


Your assets and lifestyle may expose you to a great number of liability risks. Owning multiple homes, luxury vehicles or employing domestic staff are some of the factors that increase your risk and the possibility of a lawsuit. This not only jeopardizes your existing wealth and future earnings, but also the legacy you leave for future generations. An excess liability policy provides additional liability coverage, including defense coverage,  above the limits of your homeowner’s, auto and boat insurance policies. This protection is designed to kick in when the liability on the underlying policies is exhausted. Our team at Brown & Brown can help protect you against risks that could impact your financial wellbeing.

How We Can Help

Your Personal Insurance Team at Brown & Brown can help you identify risks and present the benefits and costs to purchase excess liability. Claim costs continue to escalate and excess liability helps protect you from high dollar liability claims from bodily/personal injury and property damage. We are here to help you create a risk management program that provides sufficient coverage.

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