Private Equity/Mergers & Acquisitions

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Private Equity Funds, Family Offices and Strategic Acquirers, face a specific set of risks arising from their merger and acquisition (M&A) activity. While the nature of these risks varies depending on the industry, size of an acquisition, investment thesis, loss history and many other unique factors, there are risk management tools, techniques and strategies to identify and address them. Experience and knowledge are key to developing effective strategies. The Brown & Brown Private Equity, Family Office and Mergers & Acquisitions team has the skills and experience to help address and manage these unique M&A-related risks.

How We Can Help

Our Brown & Brown Private Equity, Family Office and M&A team provides strategic acquirers with the specialized skills, experience and knowledge needed to help keep your M&A activity on track and protect your portfolio company assets. We will work closely with your senior leadership throughout the process – from the pre-acquisition and due diligence stage through post-closing integration and portfolio risk management.

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Products and Services

  • Pre-acquisition due diligence
  • Transactional risk solutions
    • Representations and Warranties (Rep & Warranties) Insurance
    • Tax Indemnity Insurance
    • Tax Credit Insurance (ITC & PTC)
    • Litigation Buyout Insurance
    • Contingent Liability Insurance
    • Loss Portfolio Transfer
  • Portfolio company aggregation
  • Claims and litigation management services

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