Financial Strategy & Analytics

Take control of your plan costs


You can’t improve what you can’t measure. Financial strategy establishes a path for your plan’s future, and data analytics allows you to quantifiably measure the effectiveness of your programs. By controlling costs and optimizing your benefits package through data-driven decisions, you can offer attractive health care options that make financial sense for both you and your employees.

How We Can Help

Brown & Brown helps define customized financial strategies and data-driven solutions. These solutions range from evaluating potential gaps in productivity or well-being to understanding medical trends. Our team works with you to evaluate risk, plan design and pricing strategies and can engage you in assessing population-specific health plan information.

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  • Financial Stewardship Reporting
  • Quality of care/care coordination analyses
  • Leakage and network analyses
  • Program design evaluation, including centers of excellence and direct contracting
  • Custom analytics, including affordability and impact of health on productivity
  • Claims data warehousing solutions
  • Self-funded, fully insured, reference/value-based and ICHRA data-driven assessments
  • Financial modeling
  • Data visualization
  • Social determinants of health

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