Power Brokers 2022

Power Brokers 2022

Congratulations to Karl Choltus, Britt Eilhardt, Jason Flaxbeard and Brent Hoedeman on being named 2022 Power Brokers by Risk & Insurance.

Karl Choltus, Managing Director in Brown & Brown’s National Surety Practice, was named Power Broker in the Renewable Energy category. Karl was recognized for his ability to manage multiple parties transferring risk. “Karl was able to find an insurer to support the issuance for the first time of a surety bond that guaranteed payment to a general contractor for the completion of a solar facility,” said a financial executive. “We have used surety for many of our projects, however in this instance, Karl assisted us in getting the surety comfortable to provide a large bond on a form which not only had to be customized but had language that was normally challenging to all sureties.”

Britt Eilhardt, Senior Vice President, Cyber Manager in Brown & Brown’s National Cyber Practice, was named Power Broker in the Cyber category. Britt utilized her experience as an attorney to help ensure policy language is first-rate for her customers. She specializes in drafting proprietary cyber policy and manuscripts carrier forms and oversees the cyber brokerage team. “She was thorough in presenting all the information needed and presenting it in the best light,” said Robert Cerutti, Risk Consultant, Goldcup Holdings/eResearch Technologies at Riskscopic, LLC. “She has a steady hand even when things are going crazy around her.”

Jason Flaxbeard, Alternative Risk Leader at Brown & Brown, was recognized as a Power Broker in the Captive category. Jason is known for his thoughtful strategies and attention to detail in the risk finance industry. “Insurance, as we know, is a little bit of a grind,” said Paul Berkemeier, Director, Global Risk Finance at The Coca-Cola Company. “Sometimes, you do the same things over and over. Jason is a pleasure to work with because he likes to do things that are unique and different, and he’s not opposed to disrupting the process or the market to help drive us where we want to be.”

Brent Hoedeman, Private Client Advisor at Brown & Brown, was named Power Broker in the Private Client category. He was recognized for his role in launching a best practices online library by the Private Risk Management Association. “Without him and his vision, this wouldn’t have come to fruition,” said Karen Hivry, a field marketing director in New Jersey and eastern Pennsylvania for Cincinnati Insurance.

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