CyberSelect Healthcare | A Different Level of Cyber Protection

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CyberSelect Healthcare | A Different Level of Cyber Protection

As novel risks continue to arise in the healthcare industry, insureds look to extend coverage to help avoid unforeseen challenges in the event of a cyber incident.

Notice Flexibility

Forgiveness for late notice if caused by an administrative error

Joint Ventures

Automatic joint ventures coverage

Pre-Approved Incident Response

Choice of Approved Vendors for breach response without consent required for 10% of limit

Connected Medical Devices

Covered as part of “Your Network”

Business Process Providers

Covered as part of “Your Network”

Corrective Action

Support for regulatory requirements to avoid and respond at the behest of regulators such as HHS and OCR

Reputation Costs Expenses

Public relations for averting or mitigating damage from privacy and security events and operational errors

Mitigation Costs

To proactively avoid, respond to or reduce a claim or loss

Increased Operating Costs

Employee overtime for response, recreation and regulatory

Emergency Treatment Costs

At third-party healthcare providers

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