Training and Feedback Program Lead to Production Increase

Warehouse and Distribution Case Study

The Request

Find a solution to help lower the consistently high numbers of strain injuries.

Company Profile

Industry: Warehousing and Distribution

A large warehousing and distribution company faced consistently high numbers of strain injuries associated with product receiving, storage and distribution activities. The customer was searching for a solution to protect workers from these injuries and reached out to Brown & Brown for our help in finding a solution.

The Solution

Developed department-specific training and materials to address exposures and challenges.

To identify the source(s) of the strain injuries, the Brown & Brown Risk Control team interviewed associates and observed receiving, palletizing, pick line, truck loading and customer delivery activities. During this monitoring, the team captured examples of safe and unsafe lifting and handling practices and techniques.

These examples were then incorporated into training materials designed to address each department’s particular exposures and challenges. The department-specific materials are now used to train associates annually through interactive sessions involving live demonstrations within actual and simulated work environments.

After completing the training, associates participate in a self-observation process to rate their performance on the use of the techniques and practices covered in training. Associates responded favorably to this self-feedback approach, indicating that the observations are a “good reminder” and help to “reinforce safe practices.”

The Results

Experienced a 34 percent reduction in strain injuries and production distribution increased by 40 percent.

Since implementing the new training and self-observation program, the warehousing and distribution customer experienced a 34 percent reduction in strain injuries over a six-year period. During this same time period, product distribution increased by nearly 40 percent.

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