Risk Management and Workers’ Compensation

Non-Profit Services Case Study

The Request

Help reduce ongoing risk exposures and rising premiums.

Company Profile

Industry: Non-Profit Services
Employees: 1,800+
Supports: 28,000+ children, adults and seniors
Operates: 18 core programs

A non-profit that fills gaps in the community through resources and services faced ongoing risk exposures and rising premiums. Each year, the customer would set targets and meet them, yet its premiums continued to increase.

The Solution

Multi-pronged approach to define new goals to help impact premiums.

Brown & Brown worked with the customer to define new targets. Instead of setting arbitrary goals that did not impact premiums, the team worked closely with the customer to define goals that focused on its financials, training and communication.

This multi-pronged approach aimed to reduce the bottom line from three key areas. Through consistent training and communication, employees were better equipped to perform their jobs safely and effectively. This led to a reduction in costs and quicker return-to-work timelines.

The Results

More than 1 million dollars in savings due to a reduction in workers’ compensation claims.

A key part of working with Brown & Brown was the customer’s ability to shift from a reactive stance to a proactive and preventive stance.

As a result, the non-profit saved more than 1 million dollars due to a reduction in workers’ compensation claims. Beyond financial savings of claim reduction, employees were also able to return-to-work faster. The savings were reallocated to fund services and compensation increases, both of which are meaningful to the employees and aided the customer in recruitment and retention.

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