Fleet Safety Program Helps Decrease Crash Events

Case Study

The Request

Reduce the frequency and severity of vehicle crash events

Company Profile
Industry: Food & Beverage
Employees: 8,000
Locations: United States

Brown & Brown is the broker for one of the largest beverage bottlers in the United States. The bottler contacted our Risk Control team to provide a solution to help reduce the frequency and severity of vehicle crash events and better position the organization for the renewal of primary and excess insurance programs.

The Solution

Provided the customer with a playbook for operating a world-class fleet safety program

Brown & Brown participated in a collaborative fleet safety initiative spanning the entire customer organization. This included employees from Risk Management, Safety, Human Resources, Talent Recruitment, Beverage Production, Fleet Operations, Fleet Maintenance, Fleet Procurement, Information Technology and Legal. Along with these departments, our team helped develop and implement strategic and tactical driver and vehicle safety programs to aggressively move toward best-in-class status.

Components of the program included expanded vehicle telematics, vehicle modifications (speed governors, collision-avoidance technology), improved driver training, driver recognition and disciplinary processes, distracted driving restriction technology and organizational accountabilities throughout the organization.

The Results

Decreased crash events by 64.4% while total miles driven increased by approximately 4%

Over several years, crash events attributed to the customer’s drivers decreased by 64.4% within a driving environment where total miles driven increased by approximately 4%. Fewer crash events occurred as miles driven increased by 53%. As determined by vehicle telematics, leading indicators showed dramatic improvement ranging from a 19% reduction in seat-belt violations to an 87% reduction in cell phone-related events.

The vigorous organization-wide fleet safety strategy and dramatic results helped enhance the customer’s ability to negotiate with domestic and international insurance markets and secure renewals.

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