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Optimize the way you identify, quantify, mitigate and finance risk


Delivering integrated insurance and risk management solutions to some of the largest and most respected companies in the world, Brown & Brown’s Risk Solutions team aims to create value beyond placing your insurance. Your service team will be comprised of engaged professionals who will work to understand your values, goals and objectives. Using evidence-based insights, our team will help you better understand how different risk management decisions could impact your business.

How We Can Help

Brown & Brown’s Risk Solutions team challenges the status quo with our proprietary methodologies and tools to help optimize the way you identify, quantify, mitigate and finance risk. A thorough analysis of your overall insurance program will be done to confirm that your insurance program meets your organization’s total risk appetite and aligns with your strategic business goals. Once your risk portfolio has been quantified and the risk appetite defined, we help you design an optimized risk financing strategy with the goal of minimizing the total expected cost of risk.

Strategies to consider include:

  • Stochastically modeling hazard risk portfolio to help to determine if current insurance structure aligns with hazard risk appetite
  • Stress testing various program structures to determine impact on hazard risk appetite
  • Utilizing captive to reduce premium and various frictional costs
  • Re-directing premium dollars from more predictable risks to more volatile risks
  • Re-designing pre-loss and post-loss activities to drive down retained loss costs
  • Optimizing global program to reduce costs while ensuring local compliance
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We leverage resources from the fields of actuarial science, statistics, catastrophe modeling, data science and quantitative finance to help bring you nuanced insights into risk. This will help you achieve your risk mitigation and risk financing goals by helping to seamlessly translate this understanding into action.
Our actuarial resources are available to provide Actuarial Opinions on booked reserves for private and public businesses on a fee for service basis. Additionally, our actuaries are an integral part of the insurance placement process for the Risk Solutions team and are embedded into our insurance program placement offering. By helping you determine logical retention alternatives using point estimates and Monte Carlo simulations for various alternatives, we help increase the probability that the most efficient program structure will be chosen. Our actuaries are involved in helping you understand expected losses and potential volatility for the most common insurance purchases, including property, general liability, workers’ compensation, auto, buffer umbrella layers, employment practices liability, cyber and director’s and officer’s liability.
We take an innovative approach to captive utilization, delivering quality captive management and consulting. We offer the insights you need to identify an effective and efficient captive solution that addresses your insurance cost, coverage and profit goals.
Without a system in place to verify that your certificates of insurance (COI) from your tenants, vendors and contractors are compliant, you expose your company to defending and paying for claims that are not your responsibility. Our proprietary, web-based system COI compliance product helps to protect your financials.
Risk management does not stop with the placement of your insurance program. It demands intensive, consistent and ongoing attention. We provide comprehensive claims management and advocacy to help you manage the cost of loss through all stages of the claims cycle. Our consultants and specialists will help you identify those claims trends that are driving your retained loss costs, develop strategies on how to address these trends, help implement those strategies and measure the impact of those actions. We also advocate on behalf of our customers in disputes with insurers for those programs that we manage. We have experience on some of the largest, most complex claims that have existed over the last 40 years. Ultimately, our claims resources help ensure that we are lowering our customers’ retained loss costs and maximizing the recovery they are due under the insurance policies we place.
Our team of brokers and consultants work with you to create multi-carrier and multi-product solutions that best align with your risk appetite. Our specialization extends to both traditional and alternative risk financing solutions for virtually all lines of commercial insurance.
Brown & Brown’s Risk Control team offers risk control programs to help minimize the probability and severity of loss. This begins with identifying factors that have historically driven cost of risk. Once identified, opportunities for controlling costs can be evaluated and specific loss control programs that are in compliance with regulatory requirements such as OSHA can be identified. Services we can offer include:

  • Onboarding and Operational Safety Training via pre-recorded video, Virtual Live Training and Live In-Person Training, complete with our flexible Learning Management System
  • Customized electronic audits, surveys and self-assessments
  • Customized Behavior-Based Safety Implementation, Oversight and Trending
  • Ergonomic program development and task analysis
  • Assistance with developing Return to Work Programs
  • Statistical analysis
  • Trending and benchmarking
  • Accountability and cost-allocation programs
  • Risk management program assessment and development
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Loss control services coordination

We are dedicated to supporting your efforts to reduce your largest cost of risk—retained losses. By utilizing our proven business process and analytics, we can help you achieve significant cost savings and get back some of your day through increased efficiencies. Generating strategies designed to reduce your workers’ compensation loss costs is not just something our Risk Control team does, it is all they do.

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