Benefits Breakdown


Benefits Breakdown

It’s no secret, employee benefits are complicated. We’re here to break things down and help you build a roadmap for your approach to benefits. Together with our expert guests, we’ll explore complex, counterintuitive and compelling topics that give you a better understanding of the “whys” of the industry.

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Evolution of Virtual Primary Care

Vanessa and Adam are joined by Dr. Eric Bricker to discuss Virtual Primary Care and how employers (and employees) can control costs and improve quality of care. Dr. Bricker dives into Virtual Primary Care, which focuses on 24/7 urgent care, chronic care and preventive screenings. These services provide quick, convenient access to a trusted doctor, helps improve access equity and promotes medication adherence. Virtual Primary Care can also reduce high-cost claims through coordinated referrals and chronic condition management.

Topics covered include:

  • What is Virtual Primary Care, and how to drive success for your population
  • A deeper dive into cost savings for the employer and the employee (and families)
  • Future of technology embedded into Virtual Primary Care solutions

Total Rewards for Employees and How They Have Changed

Jared, Vanessa and Adam are joined by their teammate, Rebecca Shipley, to discuss emerging trends within employee total rewards. Rebecca and the team examine how employers are finding new and innovative ways to expand the different forms of compensation, and how the world of total rewards has evolved in the last 24 months. They will also share areas where employers should be careful and pay special attention when creating a total rewards program. Finally, the team addresses areas of low-hanging fruit that any sized employer can focus on within their total rewards package.

Topics covered include:

  • Different forms of employee compensation or rewards
  • Latest trends in total rewards
  • Areas where employers need to be thoughtful and give careful consideration when it comes to compensation


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