Benefits Breakdown


Benefits Breakdown

It’s no secret, employee benefits are complicated. We’re here to break things down and help you build a roadmap for your approach to benefits. Together with our expert guests, we’ll explore complex, counterintuitive and compelling topics that give you a better understanding of the “whys” of the industry.

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Pharmacy Market Update and Strategic Ideas for Employers

Jared, Vanessa and Adam are joined by Steve Maike, Chief Pharmacy Officer for Remedy Analytics (part of the Brown & Brown team), and Alan Pannier, Vice President of Strategy with SmithRx. The team leads a discussion around strategies and best practices for employers to help confront the rising costs of pharmaceuticals for employers. Pharmacy cost increases are projected to be 9.8% with specialty drugs leading that trend, up almost 13.5% in 2023. The team covers strategies from highlighting biosimilars, gene therapy, navigational resources and recent legislation directly impacting employers on their pharmacy plans. 

MSK, Hooray! The Musculoskeletal Industry and What Employers Can Do

Jared, Vanessa and Adam are joined by Chief Population Health Officer of Airrosti, Dr. Chris CatoThe team explores the current state of the musculoskeletal (MSK) industry and how virtual care has directly impacted strategies for employers. MSK conditions make up 19% of all healthcare visits and continue to evolve and impact other forms of care. Dr. Cato also dives into the indirect costs of MSK issues such as absenteeism, productivity, lost wages and behavioral health. 



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