2022 Health Care Industry Annual Benefits Survey | Findings & Analysis

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2022 Health Care Industry Annual Benefits Survey | Findings & Analysis

Brown & Brown is pleased to present the results of our 2022 Health Care Industry Annual Benefits Survey. We look forward to sharing these findings with our clients as we help them develop their benefits strategies for 2023 and beyond.

This year, we’ve enhanced the survey to include plan design and cost information not only for medical, pharmacy and dental plans, but also for life, disability, leave and paid time off (PTO) offerings. Additionally, after interviewing select survey respondents about their priorities for 2023, we spoke with several Brown & Brown subject matter specialists to dive deeper into these insights and give their thoughts on what health care organizations can do to help support their employees and communities.

Key Themes Identified: What Is Top of Mind for Health Care Employers?

  1. Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging (DEIB+) continues to be top of mind when considering employee benefits updates in 2023.
    Health care organizations need to implement a DEIB+ strategy not only to appeal to their employees, but also—and perhaps more critically— to appeal to the communities they serve.
  2. Health care industry employees are facing burnout more than ever, and health care organizations know they must quickly improve programming to meet their needs.
    Workers feel overworked and undervalued. Most are spending more time on patient administration than actually delivering patient care. It’s a huge burden that needs to be fixed.
  3. Health care organizations are doing a wholesale review of benefits, with an eye toward attracting and retaining top talent.
    Workers are leaving the health care field at an alarming rate. Organizations are looking at their benefits, planning to implement new perks and programs that their workers value. However, if organizations don’t build the right compensation and benefits foundation first, other ancillary benefits to make employees “happy” may not work.

In addition to specialist’s perspectives on these major themes, this year’s report includes plan design and cost data from 35 health systems across Massachusetts and Northern New England.

Please contact your Brown & Brown consultant if you would like more information about the Health Care Industry Annual Benefits Survey. As always, our specialists are ready to help you and your HR colleagues address the challenges you face.

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