Mental Health Resources for Employers & Employees

Population Health

Resources for Your Employees

The Mental Health Crisis Among Our Youth Webinar

Please watch our educational webinar regarding the mental health crisis among our youth. Our keynote speaker discussed the crisis and offered guidance for those who may have children, adolescents and young adults struggling with their mental health.

Resources for Employers

Mental Health Solution Toolkit for Employers

Mental health is a leading business issue for employers and a deeply personal issue for employees and their families who struggle with mental illness. To help employers support their employees, we have developed a Mental Health Solution Toolkit. 

The toolkit is a combination of consulting services, vendor programs and resources. Our Population Health consultants use it to help you develop a mental health action plan, find effective resources and communicate with your workforce. With our guidance, you can make it easier to find resources and provide employees with a “mental health front door” – a place to start when they or a family member needs help with mental health or addiction.

The toolkit and our Population Health consulting services are designed for our customers with 200 or more employees.

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Connect with your local Brown & Brown representative or click here to learn more about our population health and employee benefits services, and our Mental Health Solution Toolkit for employers. 

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