Personal Insurance: Is Your Legacy Protected?

Personal Insurance

Personal Insurance: Is Your Legacy Protected?

Wealth management professionals have labored intensively to ensure their customers’ portfolios are well structured and protected from the risk of market volatility. Through hard work and effort, individuals can rest assured knowing the professionals are managing their wealth and their legacy. However, the risk to a customer’s wealth does not end with market fluctuation and investment decisions—many other potential perils exist.

Personal liability insurance and lifestyle risk management are essential to helping protect the wealth of mass affluent individuals. This coverage is usually overlooked, underrated or misunderstood. Some risk areas are volunteer activities, Trust or LLC, employment practices, reputational damage and cyber liability.

By serving as a director or officer for a not-for-profit organization, individuals may be putting their personal wealth at risk in the event of allegations of libel/slander or poor employment practices. With a Trust or LLC, liability coverage may not be extended to include the Trust or LLC, leaving it exposed to legal issues without coverage. Also, the entity may not be able to be named as an insured on the policy. Claims of discrimination, harassment and wrongful termination made by domestic employees are on the rise. Local governments are also instituting new laws and regulations to protect these employees. Lastly, the increased use of social media, blogs and the Internet has equated to a growing number of personal injury and defamation claims.

In addition, it is important that a sufficient personal liability limit be available for adequate protection. About 70% of high-net-worth individuals and families are currently insured through a direct or captive agent. In many cases, these agents are unable to provide the higher limits of liability high-net-worth individuals may need.

Originally featured in Opulence magazine.

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by Veronica Jimenez

Personal Insurance Leader

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