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Transparency Update


Under Federal law, group health plans are responsible for various new reporting and disclosure requirements that aim to improve transparency within the healthcare industry. This webinar will review the key health plan transparency requirements and provide information regarding recent regulatory guidance that addresses the application and enforcement of these rules. Items to be covered include: […]

Account-Based Health Plans


Most employers offer their employees healthcare options that include account-based plans—Health FSAs, HRAs or HSAs. According to the International Foundation of Employee Benefits (IFEBP) 2022 Employee Benefits Survey, nearly 70% of private employers and 56% of public employers offer employees one or more highdeductible health plan options paired with a Health Savings Account. Additionally, 10% […]

Wellness Programs


To promote and encourage good health and healthy lifestyles, employers are exploring innovative ways to motivate employees to be more health conscious. With increasing popularity, wellness programs can be a tool for employers to use to accomplish this objective. However, with the ever-changing structure of wellness programs and the complicated laws that can govern them, […]