COVID-19 Testing and Control Strategies

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COVID-19 Testing and Control Strategies

Brown & Brown completed a benchmarking assessment in mid-February of 2022. This report reviews the results and findings from that survey.

Employers are currently faced with unprecedented uncertainty on how to support the health of employees and manage the risk that COVID-19 presents. Of the 50 mostly large employers who responded to the survey, the majority had some testing protocol in place and the employer was paying for the tests. Most were also using some combination of antigen and PCR testing methods. At the time of survey, a majority of employers were requiring primary series vaccination and masking.

There is no universal best practice for employer surveillance testing; strategies are different from employer to employer, and vary based on the employer’s industry, goals and employee composition among other factors.

A single employer may need to deploy multiple testing approaches across different cohorts or use cases.

These survey results help to inform how employers are approaching these new challenges.

For the latest information, please watch our COVID-19 video series, The Short Take.

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