2023 Healthcare Industry Annual Benefits Survey | Findings & Analysis

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2023 Healthcare Industry Annual Benefits Survey | Findings & Analysis

Brown & Brown is pleased to present the findings of our 2023 Healthcare Industry Annual Benefits Survey. We look forward to sharing these findings with our customers as we help them develop their benefits strategies for 2024 and beyond.

Each year, we adjust the content and format of the survey to help ensure we gather the right benchmarking information— aligned with both organizational strategy and marketplace trends—to help healthcare systems make the most informed benefits decisions for the coming year. Our 2023 survey brings a more strategic lens to healthcare organizations’ priorities, plans and challenges. Throughout the report, we have provided a summary of organizations’ perspectives— and accompanying insights from Brown & Brown’s subject matter specialists—across five key areas.

Key Focus Areas for Healthcare Employers

  1. General Business Strategy and Industry Trends
    Healthcare organizations continue to manage challenging business conditions and must look at a variety of options to remain competitive in the marketplace.
  2. Medical Program Strategy
    Healthcare systems are looking for more pronounced ways to help improve the efficiency of employee health plans—without sacrificing quality of care— through avenues such as incenting domestic utilization, creating new revenue sources and finding new ways to manage costs.
  3. Pharmacy Program Strategy
    The rapidly evolving pharmacy market continues to challenge healthcare organizations to balance the availability of new, life saving treatments with affordability.
  4. Population Health and Well-Being Strategy
    Organizations continue to put a major emphasis on employee well-being and investing to align their strategy more closely with broader business initiatives and help improve mental well-being support for employees.
  5. Communication and Engagement Strategy
    Employers are leveraging a mix of “old-school” and “new-school” tactics to stay competitive with talent attraction and retention, using many communication vehicles to help employees understand their value to the organization.

Please contact your Brown & Brown consultant if you would like more information about the 2023 Healthcare Industry Annual Benefits Survey. As always, our specialists stand ready and waiting to help you and your HR colleagues address your unique challenges.

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