Wildfire Preparation Guide

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Wildfire Preparation Guide

More than 66,000 wildfires were reported in 2022, making it more important than ever to be prepared. Wildfires put lives, property and businesses at risk. Through FEMA, fire management assistance is available to state, local, tribal and territorial governments. This assistance helps with mitigation, management and control of fires. Brown & Brown specializes in providing personalized, powerful solutions to help protect you and your business against the risk of wildfires.

In anticipation of a wildfire, contact your broker to discuss coverage and best preparation practices. We can work with you to develop risk solutions, update current location schedules and help to protect you and your organization with a comprehensive policy.


Our specialized teams work to help increase awareness and preparation to minimize risk. By understanding your risk appetite, we can help meet your unique risk needs.

Prepare in the Event of a Wildfire:

  • Remove any vegetation or dead plants around the building and debris from gutters to help prevent embers from igniting
  • Store combustible or flammable materials in safety containers away from the building site
  • Prune surrounding trees regularly
  • Inspect roof tiles and shingles and quickly replace or repair any that are loose or missing to help prevent embers from penetrating inside the roof
  • Make copies of important documents and store them off-site, digitally or in a fire-safe place


A business continuity plan focusing on wildfire recovery can help ensure a smooth transition from uncertainty to business as usual. Develop an evacuation plan that includes the following:

  • Overview of what instances will trigger the plan will go into effect
  •  Chain of command to help determine the overall management of an incident and assign primary responsibility
  • Which emergency measures are needed, and who will perform them
  • Develop evacuation protocol for teammates, customers and visitors
  • Location of and instructions on emergency equipment, including first-aid materials, fire extinguishers, etc.
  • Review, revise and distribute the plan to all personnel with information on what to do and where to go should a wildfire occur
  • Ensure that you have an inventory of exterior and interior assets with proper documentation and photos
  • Create a safety zone with set parameters from the building
  • Create an emergency contact list for employees
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