Risk Control Overview

Property & Casualty

Risk Control Overview

Brown & Brown’s Casualty Risk Control team is comprised of experienced and highly qualified safety and risk control/mitigation professionals that work to support and assist you in identifying areas of operational and regulatory risks.

We help develop strategic plans to drive down frequency based on empirical loss data and identify and control risk. We strive to understand your overall operations, exposures and controls based on your industry, organization and culture. By doing so, we can assist you in anticipating, identifying, comprehending, and prioritizing your risks, preventing incidents, reducing associated costs and achieving regulatory compliance.

How We Can Help You

Our knowledgeable and tenured teammates in the fields of occupational safety, industrial hygiene, ergonomics, machinery safeguarding, fleet safety and general liability can help protect what you have built through a personalized solution that works to reduce the probability and severity of losses. Our team can:

  • Examine the integrity of loss data for a more strategic approach and help develop a road map focusing future safety efforts based on accurate trends
    • Analyze data beyond face value for inaccuracies and make corrections (short-term and long-term)
    • Conduct thorough data evaluations to help establish trends (accident causes, departments, tasks, repeat claimants, etc.)
    • Develop actionable risk control dashboards
  • Work with you and your team at each level to help implement best practices to create and sustain better work environments.
    • Build service plans, goals and benchmarks led by Brown & Brown and working together with you
    • Develop Risk Control service strategies aimed at identifying risk and reducing Total Cost of Risk through best practices
    • Address specific trends and compliance needs – divisions, locations, departments, tasks, accident causes, etc.

Our Risk Control Services Can Help Impact Direct and Indirect Risk Management and Safety Related Costs

  • Claims reduction, prevention and overall insurance costs
  • Annual safety budgets and spends
  • Safety training needs
  • PPE expenditures
  • OSHA citations/fines
  • Liability claims settlements
  • Safety materials
  • Equipment repairs, upgrades or replacement
  • Costs from lost production or efficiency due to losses and/or Injuries
    • Incident investigation and reporting
    • Implementation time and costs of corrective actions
    • New hire screening and onboarding
    • Safety training and retraining
    • Temporary staffing or overtime to cover for injured staff
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